NewPianoTrio (founding member)


The New Piano Trio was founded by German violinist and composer Florian Willeitner, Austrian-Romanian pianist Maria Radutu and Swiss-based cellist Ivan Turkalj in 2013.


''The trio seeks to provide an unique musical language that combines classical virtuosity, sounds and form, with cool and innovative rhythmic patterns and a unique harmonic language based on folk music and jazz.'' (F.W)


The repertoire performed is exclusively written for the New Piano Trio by Florian Willeitner.


Himself a musician of great diversity, Florian uses the New Piano Trio as a platform to incorporate his musical talents as a composer and experienced classical and jazz performer in one medium.


In order to meet the technical and unique musical demands made on each member of the trio, the New Piano Trio has combined three young musical talents who are experienced jazz/folk/pop performers and improvisors, as well as being highly skilled and classically-trained musicians. (...)

Building Bridges (founding president)


Art workshops and concerts by and for young refugees - percussion, dance and singing from small group to large concert - listen, participate,

to build bridges!


No borders in language, culture & gender (...)