Radutu & Peçi (Flying Dance of Sound)


2 artists, 2 art forms. A powerful dancer beside a sensitive pianist, ballet and music.

2 programs, 1 evening: piano and video show – Insomnia for eyes and ears.

Dancing virtuosity and pianistic fulfillment - music played with body and fingers. Travel through time and space. Above all: music for senses. Spectacular, impressive, unique.



Black Classics  (modern sounds to embed classical music)


The deepness of old master-works is timeless, the human feelings transported by arts had never changed.


Celebrating dark spaces, creating rooms to listen to our soul.


Black Classics uses a modern language to connect old music to contemporary audience.


The young pianist opens her personal treasure box of music and, along with performing the pieces, she tells their stories and what fascinates her about them in a plain, personal, an emotional fashion.

The virtuoso steps away from the concert hall, as this much more intimate experience is sure to bring you goose bumps. We travel together across genres, through an unforgettable evening between friends.




Villa-Lobos, Gershwin, Poulenc, Gluck and many more


Unique feelings of happiness, inner fire, longing or lost love

Music that helps escaping everyday life




Insomnia Live with dedicated video show


The album for sleepless nights, to find, step by step, peace and fulfillment; released under Universal Music

“Insomnia – a first class listening experience“ (Die Presse)



Up close live concert with dedicated videoshow


One piano, some memories, and many emotions.


Upcoming Pianobox event May 26th , 8PM

MiBarrio Vienna, Münzwardeingasse 2, 1060

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